Live Pain Free

May you live pain free. Where pain-free is a state of being. That is the life within, where you are in touch with your authentic self in the present moment. Your fear, shame, guilt, and emotional debt cannot exist in the present moment. Does that sound simple? Then it is simple. Does that sound complicated? Then it is complicated. In life, you have the ability to create walls to divide bridges to connect, or anything in between. We sometimes build these walls to protect ourselves when we are threatened. Building too many walls around yourself will eventually end up causing self-imprisonment. The more walls you build like this, the more isolated and painfully useless your existence becomes. It may take some time to recognize that you are imprisoning yourself in a society that does exactly what you’re doing. As a side effect, your psychological imprisonment feels so natural. The brilliant story of this society is that it provides you with illusory feelings of freedom. This is the story of society for millennials, with plenty of comedy, tragedy, and other theatrical elements. However, this does not mean that you must play a part or play a role in this recycled story simply because everyone else is, even if it seems extremely safe and comfortable most of the time. The best prisoner is the one who doesn’t realize he’s in prison. There isn’t much of a distinction to be made between the lives of fish in the tank and humans. Once the water is oxygenated and the fish is fed on a regular basis, the fish in the tank is unaware she is living in a restricted space. Pink Floyd’s iconic song I Wish You Were Here might make perfect sense now: “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year.” I believe that unless you break away from it, there is no true freedom here. But you have the freedom not to believe me. Please don’t. Make your own adventures and discoveries, because it is extremely painful to the soul system, which is naturally created for longing for the freedom of love while witnessing your enslavement to roles and self-imprisonment. Breaking free means living pain-free. Maybe it’s a bit easy for me to write terms like “live pain-free,” and you might wonder if such a state even exists. I would say definitely yes. I am the one who experiences this state of being most of the time. It takes some practice and regular maintenance, but you might first undertake some self-discovery to learn who you truly are. You may wonder again whether it is worthwhile. Personally, I say yes, but I don’t impose my own beliefs on others. Living pain-free in a society that is unconsciously surrounded by the phenomena of pain and loves to hurt, physically, or emotionally, because hurt people hurt, is not always easy unless you pack all your stuff and say to yourself very loudly: “This fucked up shit will not be my story.” Then you leave and live happily ever after. You buy a farm and get some chickens. And all of a sudden, your life feels like you’re living in heaven on Earth. Living pain-free is a challenging and sometimes bumpy ongoing process of life, but it is possible to get through it. That is mainly what I do under the roof of Sky & Farm for clients around the world, aside from making homemade fig marmalades and harvesting garlic. May you live pain-free.