Akashic Records Reading

  “Empowerment by love is the ultimate intent of all healing, including mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery. “

The Akashic Records are an energetic library of information that contains the details of your soul and its journey. It serves multiple purposes. There’s nothing that doesn’t exist in the Akashic Records. All the information is recorded and stored there. The Akashic records cover present incarnations, past incarnations, and potential futures. It may offer clarification or direction. which, while initially being very healing, ultimately raises your vibrations by reminding you of your soul-level truth, who you really are — not who you became due to familiar and or societal pressure in this physical world. Sometimes you have the impression that no matter how many times you try to alter the direction of your life, sometimes nothing changes and life goes on as routine for too many years. Like it would be not enough, life makes things worse for you by bringing you more misery. Unhappy partnerships or a sudden divorce. Job and employment hopping regularly. The lack of abundance. Your life is hopeless, stuck, and trapped. Your energetic blocks, recycling patterns, and low frequencies may not have anything to do with you at all. They can be passed down through energy imprints from others. We can find more strange things during the Akashic reading such as karmic bonds and relationships, duality imprints,  fetoplacental interaction, epigenetic mechanisms, intergenerational transmission, or recycling patterns of the same painful traumas and dramas imprinted in the family emotional DNA. And that endless list goes on.  In short, the legacy of heavy, violent, and toxic energies. There may not be a happy ending to every life story, but rewriting it is always an option.  Learning to access and clear your Akashic records can not only help release ancestral karmic debt—thereby freeing yourself as well—but it also opens the door to universal grace and blessings. Empowerment by love is the ultimate intent of all healing, including mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery.

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