This is a comprehensive summary of the questions and answers I received during my ten years of therapeutic practice. You might learn everything about Sky & Farm therapy here. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, although most of them are probably answered on this website. They are deliberately lengthy responses to comprehensively address every situation and to irritate your short span of attention. Simply make a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and read them all if needed. Thank you for reading and saving both my and your time.

How to tell if someone is a good healer or not?

A good healer does not juggle crystals and send energy to others on TikTok. That trendy behavior is known as Jesus syndrome. The healing procedures and the amount of healing energy that passes through the healer both matter. The energy of different healers and techniques varies in strength. Similar to wifi, either healer energy is weak, powerful, or something in between. In my opinion, healers who try to be doctors harm their clients. Doctors who try to be healers harm their patients. You probably don’t want to see your doctor taking you to the 11th dimension through healing meditation or a psychiatrist drumming and dancing around the fire. In the same way, you don’t want to see me carry out surgery on your acute appendix or prescribe antidepressants to you. Healers are not health professionals, and health professionals are not healers, and this is precisely how the balance is maintained. Respecting the natural order of things brings about harmony. However, if you are searching for one of the best healers, look no further than your heart and trust your sense of intuition when it comes to alternative therapies. Your heart knows the way.

How I can be sure that this is an effective form of therapy?

Many individuals view energy healing with skepticism or as a cure-all remedy. However, from the very first healing session, you’ll notice a tangible difference and a sense of healing. If you’re curious, please read testimonials and reviews regarding the healing journeys of numerous clients. Your energies, frequencies, and vibrations will undergo a significant change, leaving you feeling more empowered, grounded, and aware. Following the Sky & Farm therapy and being simply committed to the healing process, the mind frequently resists reverting to a state of illness, influenced by the shift in energies and perceptions. This transformative energy stems from the intelligence of your heart rather than your mind.

How do you pinpoint the underlying cause of my issue?

How often should I do a therapy session?

I prefer to keep my healing therapy on the shorter side. Typically, I suggest anywhere from one to five sessions for my therapeutic healing approach. The number depends on how severe your condition is and the energy resistance you may have in letting go. Allowing at least a week between each session provides ample time for you to absorb and process the healing energies. Addressing one issue at a time is not only healthier for your energy field but also places less strain on your body, mind, and soul system.

What would the total cost of my therapy be?

Is healing less effective when done remotely? 

Not. Remote healing is equally as effective as in-person healing. The concept of remote healing has been around for ages, and it’s not hindered by geographical or physical boundaries. Whether we’re working together over video or phone calls, the impact is identical to an in-person session. The only difference is that we’re not physically in the same room, and unfortunately, my complimentary homemade blueberry coffee cake doesn’t taste quite as good through the computer screen. However, I can vividly describe every delightful flavor of my complimentary cake.

Do you provide English-language healing sessions?

Yes, all my sessions are conducted in English, and I welcome people from all over the world. You don’t need to be fluent, simple English works just fine. Despite our language differences, the universal source of life makes communication smoother for us. In my sessions, we connect heart to heart rather than mind to mind. To read or heal your energies, all I need is to see your photo or hear your voice on the phone for a couple of minutes.

How is your healing done?

In general, any healing journey is just a journey from your busy mind to your peaceful heart. In reality, I do not heal. I don’t claim credit for someone else’s recovery. It is a simplistic self-healing system, and I only act as a guide. The healing energy of life flows through me and I do a thing or two to activate your self-healing mechanisms. Simply said, you’re healing yourself and it’s not so much about me, God’s miracles, or prayers that have been answered. Once more, you are the one who actively plays a role in your own recovery. You can explore more about my healing by clicking here. Unfortunately, most people undergoing conventional healing are pressured into a never-ending cycle of warfare. If interested please read Stop Fighting Against Your Diagnose.

Do I have to believe in this treatment for it to work?

No at all, but having trust in something is a good idea in life. In my therapy, your pure intention to heal is what matters. Sometimes your heart may be open to healing, even if your mind is not. The thought is not the real you but represents your mindset. Ideally, your mind and heart should be at the same level of decision-making.

Do I still need to take my meds while receiving treatment from you?

My healing therapy does not interfere with prescribed medications. Please continue taking any medications you are presently taking or receiving medical treatment as prescribed by your health care provider.  If the treatment you receive from Sky&Farm works well for you, ask your healthcare professional about lowering the dosage of your drugs and even developing a medication-disuse plan. Just trust your instincts. Many people are embarrassed to discuss alternative healing with their medical doctors, psychiatrists, or psychotherapists out of concern that they will be discouraged or rejected. Please feel free to talk openly to your physical or mental health specialist about your alternative healing through Sky&Farm.

What exactly do you teach?

I’d say Sky & Farm is like a friendly chat with the earth—super down-to-earth healing. It’s all about reconnecting and grounding yourself with those wonderful earthy healing energies. It’s consistently about effortlessly reconnecting with nature, embracing compassion, and staying true to authenticity. Highly marketed spiritual teachings are not things that my heart believes in. Life or spiritual coaching of any kind, spiritual communities, or esoteric agendas are not my cup of tea.  I prefer to keep things as simple as possible.

How is your alternative therapy different from traditional approaches?

The main difference is the approach. While traditional therapies target symptoms, Sky & Farm therapy focuses on addressing the root cause and prevention, improving overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health quality, and providing non-traditional techniques, often sacred, transpersonal, and shamanic energy healing treatments. 

Is this a private or a group session?

This is a private one-on-one session. No one else is present when the healing is being done other than you.

Are there any potential side effects?

Can I go on a shamanic journey by myself?

What is the shamanic power loss retrieval?

The Shamanic power retrieval is used to recover lost power. We can have our power given to us or taken away from us by relationships, cultural, religious, or political organizations, illnesses, jobs, and other life events. Power loss can frequently occur in relationships involving physical or emotional abuse,  bullying, or other demeaning behavior.

What is the shamanic soul loss retrieval?

Whenever we experience trauma, a portion of our vital essence, the soul fragment separates us to survive the event by avoiding the full impact of the pain and suffering. The mission of shamanic soul retrieval treatment is to integrate the client’s missing portion of the soul.

How could you charge for miraculous healing if this is God’s gift?

Some healers choose to work for free, or for extremely low fees, often hurting themselves in the process by living below their needs. Because I firmly believe in balance, I at least charge a modest fee. Please pardon me, I need to repark my Rolls Royce now.

Should I do anything special to prepare?

There’s nothing particularly special you need to do when preparing for your session.   Please wear comfortable clothes to your session, you might be asked to stretch your body.  Sometimes your body needs to unwind and release energy patterns. If we interact online, I might urge you to apply pressure to specific pressure spots or meridians on your body to make the necessary self-corrections under the direction of your body’s GPS inner intelligence. If necessary, I might ask you to remove your watch and shoes to be more grounded and balanced during the session.

I am pregnant. Is your energy healing safe for me?

Yes, my healing is safe during pregnancy, and through its calming and relaxing effects on the mother, it helps create a loving and balanced space for the child to grow. 

Why, despite how painful it is, do I find it so difficult to let go of the past?

I have an older sister who struggles with lung cancer. Unfortunately, she lost hope and no longer wants to undergo healing. I will immediately pay for each absent session to keep her alive.

I understand your worries about your family and your sister’s decision to abandon all medical care. I do absent healings and send healing out to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend the healing in person or online. I always request permission to heal from the person’s higher self. But in this case, things are different. Her soul system turns down the healing. This can vary from time to time and it might or might not change later on. I believe that your sister may be at a crossroads and nobody at this stage can force someone to get healthier unless she asks for help directly. This is a more complex and beautiful matter of free will, and most people do not always understand how our soul system is naturally preparing the human body for departure. Her decision to abandon all medical care must be honored.

Can you cure cancer?

I don’t cure any diagnosis. Still, I can heal the self-hatred issues deeply associated with cancer. Cancer requires a lot of conventional medical care, as well as a lot of spiritual work, understanding, and forgiveness. The scientific community, led by the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin as a foundational concept in biology, doesn’t encompass every aspect related to cancer. Any type of cancer is something that happens in the patient’s body, mind, and soul altogether. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach that considers both the physical and emotional aspects of health can contribute to a comprehensive healing experience for individuals dealing with cancer. The primary methods I employ for healing cancerous cells involve meditative practices, imaginative and visualization work, and shamanic healing journeys. These approaches are intended to improve understanding of the cancer’s origin within the client’s physical body, often located in entirely different areas, primarily within the mental and emotional aspects of the client. I believe that any physical illness can be treated and healed if both the client and the healer are in sync with the highest interest and greatest good. A beautiful healing act occurs when a client through a shamanic journey realizes how, when, and why he created his cancerous cells. In every unconscious mentality, there is a deep-seated hatred of existence. And this needs to be healed first, ideally, the shamanic journey should take place before any conventional medical treatments to cleanse and boost the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual system and prepare it for chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Cancer patients, in general, are particularly vulnerable once diagnosed. The majority of them are instantly encircled by the overwhelming fear and desire to heal. Desire, desperation, and fear cause a fight with cancer, and the person’s inner vibrations are at very low levels, preventing most individuals from progressing in their healing. Peace brings healing. Not the war. I have encountered this in my practice far too frequently to doubt it.