• Oncologists With Cancer and Depressed Psychiatrists

    Oncologists With Cancer and Depressed Psychiatrists

    The tribal healing implies that if one member of the tribe remains unhealed, the entire tribe is sick. The tribal healing process was organic rather than organized. In contrast to our Western civilization, where most people accept illness as a natural state, tribal groups believed that being ill was an unnatural state of being. Almost…

  • Stop The Fight Against Your Disease

    Stop The Fight Against Your Disease

    Most people undergoing conventional healing are pressured into a never-ending cycle of warfare that involves conflicts against diseases, such as the fight against cancer, the fight against depression, and the fight against Alzheimer’s. Battle. Wining. Losing. Survivor. Heroe.  The language used to talk about diseases often focuses on battle words and various other pointless army rhetorics…

  • Vulnerability


    Vulnerability in today’s social structure can be far more than a challenging adventure. The most common cause of mental health conditions is the disconnection from the authentic selves in society which kills the authenticity. We tend to believe that normality equals authenticity. The essential part of the authenticity of every human being is the vulnerability. To…