Vulnerability in today’s social structure can be far more than a challenging adventure. The most common cause of mental health conditions is the disconnection from the authentic selves in society which kills the authenticity. We tend to believe that normality equals authenticity. The essential part of the authenticity of every human being is the vulnerability. To understand our vulnerability is to understand our life. The word vulnerable ultimately comes from the Latin word vulnus, which means “wound”. Human vulnerability is the foundation of heart intelligence. Willingness to allow oneself to be wounded might be one of life’s most beautiful experiences. From that experience, we can only grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Depending on whether we allow our hearts to become vulnerable once more following a wounding experience, the heart membranes can either open or close or even freeze or unfreeze. Unfortunately, the majority of those who have been wounded close their hearts through a variety of self-defense systems and continue to be victims of that life experience, creating low-frequency energy imprints. Our low frequency eventually leads to shutting down intuitive connections with heart intelligence and we would live our entire lives inside of our minds solely. Society and especially the Western overly masculine culture we live in tries to mask vulnerability in whatever manner it can because it sees it as an unhealthy and weak component of life. Strongness is desired. Weakness is despised. Vulnerability is a weakness in the ideal social structure, therefore we have cultivated the skills necessary to be aggressive, forceful, and demanding. The strong prevail. The weak lose. Millions of photographs of politicians, businessmen, and other leaders in positions of authority may be found in any magazine cover if we look around. They all have the same aggressive attitude, striking eyes with a thirst for power, chin raised, and crossed arms. For instance, I can’t think of a single real estate agent profile picture that doesn’t resemble Donald Trump or Putin. Even, Adolf Hilter put much effort into perfecting his authoritative voice and postures, which ultimately helped him to generate the phenomenon of mass psychosis. And we continue to experience the same frequently seen madness today in different shades of colors. Yes, dominance and power are essential here. I understand. But being vulnerable means much more. Being vulnerable means simply being open. Being open to life. For instance our childhood. Not being vulnerable means being simply closed. Being closed to life. For instance our adulthood. Although society constantly promotes in us a fear of being too open. Everything begins with the locks on our homes and ends with the locks on our hearts. We have a fear of being open and overlook the possibility of a much more powerful intelligence guiding us to the strongest security, and immune systems of life possible. We are not moths anymore that may be the absolute masters of defensive systems and mimicry. Perhaps we should realize that our physical bodies are not the main center of any human existence and instead strive to be a little bit less afraid of life than moths. Our life doesn’t need to be a dangerous jungle anymore and we don’t need to live as the jungle does. Once we realize that our life is also influenced by our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, we can easily leave all of those predators behind. The spiritual body is always centered on vulnerability, which is easily transmitted to the emotional body. We can do it with just a physical touch of the heart and that feeling immediately transforms into the mental body which shuts down for a moment and leads us to the beautiful nature of surrender and vulnerability. Being vulnerable is the organic nature of our existence. If we are not vulnerable to life, life is not vulnerable to us and freezes our hearts, in my viewpoint. Our life becomes a battlefield with conflicting zones and minefields. We begin fighting with the mirror and the reflections we see there. Our mindset will change into that of a stronger soldier who must defend the country to death. That soldier inside of our psyche system and subsystems never desired to serve or sacrifice his life for his illusionary country. No such thing as sacrifice exists. We made that poor guy inside enlist in the army, put on a military uniform, and despite his longing to enjoy the fun and play volleyball on the beach. We made him do it. Not being authentic. Not being vulnerable. Our suffering originates mainly from that. He treats us in the same way in the hopes that we may one day realize that we are the ones responsible for his death. The human psyche is always an extraordinary reflection of polarities as a harmonious blend of life experiences. What we give to that reflection is what we get.