• The Purpose Of Life

    The Purpose Of Life

    The Silent Morph of Lies into Truth We spend so much time trying to figure out what our lives are supposed to be about. Or who we are meant to become. We confuse the concept of life’s meaning. This leads to emotions of meaninglessness and emptiness. This, however, is an illusion. Because the reality of…

  • Live Pain Free

    Live Pain Free

    May you live pain free. Where pain-free is a state of being. That is the life within, where you are in touch with your authentic self in the present moment. Your fear, shame, guilt, and emotional debt cannot exist in the present moment. Does that sound simple? Then it is simple. Does that sound complicated? Then…

  • Our Pain Is Not Our Pain

    Our Pain Is Not Our Pain

    Pain, whether physical or emotional, is always a result of more sophisticated structures in our psyches, not just neuroanatomical and neuropsychological systems. This article isn’t about the pain that is killed with morphine. This is about the pain who wants to be liberated before taking the morphine. When we use morphine, it is usually too late…