Clients Testimonials & Reviews

The shamanic journey was worth the drive from Milan. From the first time I walked into the farm, I felt like I was in the right place at the right time. Martin is a beautiful healer.

Alessia / Milan /Italy

Working in the fashion industry has given me the opportunity to meet the renowned Vivien Westwood quite a few times. I’ve also met Martin quite a few times. Vivien was the most innovative fashion designer, with a bold sense of style. Martin, on the other hand, is the most innovative healer in my experience. His farm is very punk and genuine and his healing style reminded me boldness of Vivien. He pushes you to the edge of the cliff knowing you will not fall because he is showing you wings to fly. His healing style connects you to a different realm of existence. Martin possesses the rare ability to feel the soul and comprehends every single human emotion. Even if you try to conceal many stories of your life, he already knows who you are. Martin helped me get back on my feet after dealing with the tragic loss of my partner, which changed my entire life and no amount of counseling could help me. For three years, I struggled with severe depression, and in the end, I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression by my psychiatrist. My life would be very different if I hadn’t met Martin. My illness is gone, and I haven’t taken an antidepressant in almost two years. Martin’s explanation of the spiritual reason for my partner’s death at such a young age was the most healing aspect, and I had the most beautiful guided meditation on the matter. I was able to feel my partner’s energy during that healing meditation, which was something I desperately wanted to do. This was the final chapter and much-needed closure for me. I  have recommended Martin to numerous friends over the last two years, and they have all had the same healing results. When I’m in the Monferrato area, I always stop by Martin’s farm. And every time, I get a hug and a box of fresh eggs. Of course, this is in contrast to my doctor, who always left me with an antidepressant prescription. I hope my review helps to change people’s minds about alternative healing. Martin truly saved my life.

Paolo / Milan / Italy

Martin is a natural-born healer, but also an invaluable resource. I’m very thankful to have met him and will work with him again.

Mateo / Barcelona / Spain

We gradually healed my past marriage difficulties online with Martin over the course of five sessions, using shamanic healing and guided meditations. I had been given the chance to see my ex-husband from a new perspective, which changed my life. Martin described what happened to me in the relationship step by step, and he was so exact that I would never dare to face the truth about me this way.  It’s difficult to admit that I’ve been emotionally abused for more than ten years. I’m no longer scared of seeing my ex-husband’s car, previously, seeing any black Kia Sportage on the street triggered me panic attacks. Now, this has no effect on me. No more nightmares about my past, no more sadness. I am convinced that the shamanic therapy was successful.

Alma / Haifa / Israel

This was the most authentic healing I have ever experienced. Meeting your true self is a transformative moment. It was truly amazing and brought tears to my eyes at the end (in a good way) as I could feel how much tension had been released.

Andreas / Zurich / Switzerland

It was a miracle to feel my child alive. You have soothed my heart, and I appreciate that again.

Chiara / Genoa / Italy

The old farm is lovely and beautiful. The kindest and most devoted host is Martin. Moreover, he is a superb chef. The farmers’ fresh scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast looked like they came from a cooking TV show. Overall, the food provided was excellent, the accommodations were simple yet cozy, and I am already missing the healing talks on the farm.

Benjamin / Turin / Italy

Martin definitely knows what he’s doing. The weekend retreat released me so much and helped me in ways that no one else could. The creative exercise of yelling in the woods and asking the trees to release my anger was amazing and I use it on a regular basis now, it works wonderfully every time. I had no idea that my mental problem originated from suppressed anger. I’m thousands of times better than I was before. Thank you very much for all of your kindness; the farm is truly healing, and the food is delicious.

Davide /Turin / Italy

The old farmhouse reminded me of a beautiful Italian movie. I had the honor of getting a shamanic healing from Martin and it was such a beautiful experience. The power I had previously lost as a result of my abusive marriage felt like it had returned to me a few days after the healing experience on the farm. For my weekend therapeutic retreat, the six-hour drive was more than justified.

Sofia / Innsbruck / Austria

I told my daughter after the Skype session that this was the most beautiful healing I had ever experienced. She told me that throughout the session, she saw a lot of angels floating through the house.

Camila / San Diego / USA

Having an online conversation with Martin was a breath of fresh air, he is incredibly down-to-earth, kind, and wise. I felt seen and supported and my emotional numbness has finally vanished. Thank you!

Marek / Wroclaw / Poland

Martin is an amazing, intuitive healer. He gives me guidance but no fake spiritual fluff. In the few short weeks, I’ve been a client, I’ve seen major shifts in my mental health. There’s homework involved, but it’s so worth it!

Jackie / Tampa / USA

Thanks to you, Martin, and the healing light that flows through you, I don’t wake up in the night in pain, running for the painkillers.

Tineke / Groningen / Netherlands

I highly recommend Martin as a competent and effective psychotherapist. His laid-back personality and sense of humor were perfect for me. He was extremely helpful to me in dealing with my post-traumatic syndrome, which I now understand has origins that are not in my physical reality. I felt like my trauma had fully disappeared after a few sessions online.

Veronique /Meaux / France

Martin is a very gifted healer. I had two sessions with him and both were extremely helpful. 

Mirko / Zadar / Croatia

I am forever grateful to Martin for being my guide. He is truly an angel on earth.

Bianca /Asti / Italy

Martin is guided by the purest source of energy and is a healer by nature. When I experienced his online healing session, I felt like he had an entire angelical army assisting him throughout my room.

Linda / Gothenburg / Sweden

Scans were done in the hospital and showed a surprising recovery. Thank you Martin for being there, couldn’t have done it without your help!

Peter / Vienna / Austria

I cannot rate Sky & Farm highly enough. Our meditation was intense, I was moved to tears, but with professionalism and kindness, Martin guided me and made me feel at ease. I immediately felt I was in a safe space, able to let it go and immerse myself in the healing experience.

Zuzana / Prague / Czech Republic

Never in my life have I felt so much love and healing energy. I felt brave and loved again because of you. I’m grateful.

Ida / Birmingham / United Kingdom

Sky & Farm is a pleasant oasis in Piemonte. The healing vibrations were incredibly strong as if they came from another planet.

Giovanni / Alba / Italy

Martin has that rare gift of making you feel seen and heard. His humanity and humility are unheard of in today’s society. I think he is an angel on earth who never lost hope in humans.

Sebastian / Portland / USA

I can state with confidence that I made the right choice in hiring Martin for my healing sessions. Martin was able to help me take off the biggest mask I had been carrying around my entire life.

Luca / Acqua Terme / Italy

The experience of reading my Akashic records was magical! Some elements of my life, personal path, and beliefs are very clearly explained by Martin.

Sarah / Palm Springs / USA

Right after I finished the therapy, I felt a huge relief. This is the lightest I’ve ever felt in my life.

Eric / Geneva / Switzerland

There is no doubt that Martin is an alchemist of frequency and vibration. The shamanic journey experience is like no other.

Gabriella / New York / USA

Martin is a beautiful angel who helped me tremendously through a difficult period in my life. Thank you!

Sandra / San Antonio / USA

After previous therapists which didn’t seem to be the right fit, I’m so glad I got matched up with Martin. Martin is a guy who genuinely listened to my concerns and sought to improve my daily life.

Liam / Phoenix / USA

Working with Martin is an incredible joy. I have no words to express my gratitude for this beautiful healing session.

Lisa / Los Angeles / USA