Guided Shamanic Journey

  ” It is more about playfulness, creativity, and inspiration.”

Being deadly serious about the shamanic journey isn’t the best way to start journeying. This is not your job interview.  It is more about playfulness, creativity, and inspiration. Be open to receiving sensations and insights with no biased expectations. Gratitude leads to love. Love leads to peace. Peace leads to healing. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the shamanic healing journey. It is essential to have a clear sense of your intention and some questions to be ready to ask, for instance, why I am having XY illness and what I can do about it, why my relationship with XY isn’t working, or why I am always anxious around XY sort of people. If you have a lot of questions, you might get lost in translation. Your journey may work wonders in the sense of clarity if you have one strong intention at the time. There is no stopwatch set up for this healing journey.  The average duration of your journey is 2 hours and sometimes a few minutes longer with some short breaks if needed. The Sky&Farm Shamanic Journey involves three parts.


We discuss the problem or issue you want to address in further detail at the very beginning of the shamanic journey. We recite a powerful spiritual prayer for power, protection, and support throughout the opening ritual of the session.  I am guiding you slowly to allow everything to unfold naturally from this point of the healing journey. You’re seated or lying down, whatever meditation position works best for you. I’m removing daily debris from your energy field, such as any stress, anxiety, or fear.  Focus a few moments on your breathing to clear your mind and bring your attention to your heart. There is a lot of shamanic drumming in the background.  I am reconnecting your root chakra with the earthy nurturing energies. It is your foundation not only for this journey but for your well-being.   In this part, I am infusing your energy field with the necessary energies to unwind.  Through guided breathing, meditative settings, and a variety of visualization techniques I am helping you to relax your brain. Neither hypnosis nor hypnotic suggestions nor any manipulative techniques are being presented. You’re fully aware and getting slowly but surely into the THETA STATE.  The more theta waves the more profound the journey is. You don’t need to worry about achieving anything here.  It is my job to bring you into a deep meditative state. In a few moments, we might call your animal spirit guide to protect and help you during the journey. It is an invitation for inner wisdom to move you forward. It is very common during the shamanic journey to think one thing, but usually, something completely different might show up.  Sometimes the protective element of your journey will come in a different shape or form than an animal. It might be an angel, archangel, or your close ancestors such us deceive grandparents or parents.  The first part of the session is always about love and reconnection with the heart’s intelligence. Just unplug, space out, and reconnect. Welcome home. You belong here.   It’s time for exploration based on your intention or any specific question. I am taking you either to the lower, middle, or higher world, depending on your intentions. Whatever it is,  we might explore your karmic bonds and relationships, your soul system, recycling toxic patterns, sources of your painful traumas, or anything you wish.  You are experiencing this explorative part through waves of different energies, vibrations, frequencies, imagery,  and emotions.  At this stage of your shamanic journey, I usually do not interfere with the process in any way. If any challenges arise, I am always here to explain to you every single symbol, imagery, or emotion you’re experiencing.  If needed, I am energetically able to see and experience all you are going through on your journey Your soul system, spirit, and heart intelligence interact with me in perfect harmony. No need to hurry. You don’t have to be anywhere or do anything.  Effortlessness is the engine of your shamanic journey. Usually, the most vivid part of your shamanic journey in this part lasts about 20  minutes. 


During the second part, you’re allowing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body into a state of receptivity to healing wisdom. I work with you most energetically throughout this part.  Together we are gently healing those energies that seem the most stuck and unresolved through shamanic treatments such as power and soul retrieval, reconnecting the inner child, dissolving or cutting etheric toxic cords, clearing memory imprints, rebalancing masculine and feminine energies, rewriting your life story in the Akashic records, cleansing the toxic roots and seeds of your issue. In this healing part of the Sky & Farm Shamanic Journey, we can simply connect, reconnect, boost, rewrite change,  update, bridge, divide,  cancel, delete,  whatever it is in alignment with your desires and the highest good and it will be done. Please be aware that whatever is wanted is not always done.  It’s like in Rolling Stones’ song: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need. In other words, whatever is needed to be done, will be done at this stage of your life.  Please keep in mind to tackle one intention, one issue, or one problem at a time.  Sometimes, I do the healing treatments during the first explorative part of your journey if the energy block is too strong and prevents you from continuing to move forward.  During the experience, I virtually always explain to you every single shamanic and energy practice I use. I always ask for your verbal permission to do it on your behalf.  It is more about the acknowledgment of responsibility for your actions. You are still the captain of your soul here. Whatever is done here on the metaphysical level is always done for your highest good and it will manifest very soon in your physical presence.  This part of your journey might be emotionally gentle or rough. For instance, we found out that the source of your illness is a traumatic experience, unprocessed and hidden on an unconscious level. The healing is done by reexperiencing your trauma, making it conscious of the catalyst needed. Simply, it’s like now or never to release your toxic energies. Sometimes it might be emotionally rough, but this is the safest place to face it and let go. The support you have here, besides me as a guide through your darkness is  “The Rolls Royce of intuitive healing wisdom”.  Let’s imagine, that there are healing energies in that Rolls Royce, including those of Carl Jung, Mother Mary, rabbis who devote their entire lives to studying Kabbala, the top specialists in the inner and outer worlds of medicine with extremely advance medical imaging techniques , angels, archangels, the healing power of sacred geometry,  as well as the most charming saints and sinners who are helping on the way. In other words, you are receiving the healing process literally from the very finest and above. You are in a state of cosmic healing consciousness. Some have referred to it as a miracle of life. 


The final part of the session is spent grounding the healing aspect that has been developed on a metaphysical level and integrating your journey experience into your daily life. Have a cup of tea or coffee. We are not discussing every single aspect of your journey; rather, we are simply addressing and integrating some of the most vital elements. Please be prepared with a pen and paper or just take notes on your laptop. You’re making notes and asking questions. Now that you’re fully awake, you’re wondering what just happened. Is everything here real, or am I dreaming? All of the feelings, thoughts, images, voices, sounds, words, and aromas you have experienced might be more than real. The statement “THE WAR IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT” by John Lennon and Yoko Ono might be an inspiration here. So, if you want to, everything you experienced was authentic. Simply somewhere other than the location we typically refer to as our reality. Between illusion and reality, there is typically a very clear, thick border. The border is sometimes very thin for some people. Others don’t see borders and find everything to be as it is. There is often puzzlement when people return from a shamanic journey. It is very similar when people return from vacations, honeymoons, or a long walk in nature, they’re confused. It’s like returning from freedom in the wilderness to a cage in the zoo. The Shamanic Journey and especially the meditative state disrupt the brain processes of thinking particularly thinking repetitive ruminative or brainy thoughts. However, your comfortable, sleepy frame of mind has returned. And you are back in the society of fear, shame, guilt and the emotional debt. Back to NORMAL. The shamanic experience might transcend the mind, but it also gives it some options. Continuing as before while rejecting everything you’ve experienced, or moving on and integrating your shamanic experience into regular life. Making the unconscious aware is crucial for the integration process. Making unconscious conscious. Your experience is transformed through storytelling, using narrative theory as a framework. This is a very playful part. You’re simply retelling or reconstructing your journey experience giving it deep existential and life-altering insights. What was formerly impossible is now possible. I can do it now, rather than I can’t. You are altering your mental chemistry as well as your perception of the world. The healing click will begin to occur instantly and will intensify in a few more days. Your degree of love and hope will increase as a result, and everything else will fall into place. Enjoy the process of healing.

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