The Relationship Problems And Life Challenges

“There are only couples who are either in harmonic or disharmonious relationships.”

Here are some challenges in relationships that Sky & Farm Therapy may be able to help you overcome

Breaking Up & Divorce
Separation Anxiety
Sadness & Depression
Body Image Issue
Self-Esteem Issues
Loneliness & Aging Issues
Anger & Frustration Issues
Violence & Revenge Issues
Parenting After Separation
LGBTQ Issues
Loss & Grief

Toxic Partnerships
Emotionally Unavailable Partners
Emotional & Physical Abuse
Infidelity in Relationship
Jealousy & Trust Issues
Control & Financial Issues
Communication Issues
Mismatched Sex Drives
Intimacy & Sexual Problems
Unrealistic Expectations   
Alcohol& Drugs Addictions

Smile Again

I integrate energy work with talk therapy, which is intended to assist a person in understanding and transforming problematic emotions, thoughts, and actions related to their existing or past relationship with their partner. Therapy is typically very imaginative, creative, and enjoyable. I believe everyone has already experienced their own hell, suffering, and misery, and that the client doesn’t need to be retraumatized. Laughing while you watch your own love story is the simplest method to get back on track more quickly. The Sky & Farm process focuses mainly on your inner healing magic and being more in tune with your own needs, feelings, and authenticity.

The Sky & Farm Ping Pong Game

To experience decades of blissful partnership or marriage, you just let things effortlessly flow. Giving and receiving love energy is the perfect flow in any relationship. The Sky & Farm Ping Pong Game helps clients understand the dynamics of their current or past relationships. Let’s imagine an eternal infinity sign. That sign is a ping-pong table. You give the ball and you get the ball back You give it again and you get it back again. Plain and simple, you get and you give. For the sake of balance, the ping pong ball is nicely flying, rolling, and spinning on both sides evenly. The center of that ping pong table is the authentic energy of the relationship. It is what creates or destroys the relationship from the inside. The game is over if one of the partners quits by stopping the effortless energy flow. The partner is unable to give the ball back because they already have what they want. Unconsciously, subconsciously, or even consciously if the goal of our relationship is to take advantage of our partner to fulfill our needs and wants, or if we are simply draining their energy for our own benefit, we will constantly make the other person miserable. Every day, every year. Sometimes it is exactly what our unhealed mindset needs and wants for both partners. In general, relationships can neither be good nor bad. What is good or bad in a relationship between two individuals might be highly subjective. The same secrets to loving relationships may not be valid for others. There are only couples who are either in harmonic or disharmonious relationships.

Self-reflections On The Sky & Farm Ping Pong Game:

Is this a fun, loving game or a never-ending competition? Are there countless spins and strikes continually fighting for dominance? When you miss the ball, does your partner is satisfied, angry or encourage you to try again? Is this game more engaging, enjoyable, and effortless because there is no desire to win or lose it? Do you feel like this game is giving you more or less energy? What are you losing in this game? What are you gaining in this game? Is this game still worth to play?

This is What Happened To You

Not everything in the healing process is about behavioral processing and mind-to-mind structures. Working directly with your inner subtle energy is far more faster and beneficial for the healing process. Essentially every relationship in our life has come into existence as a result of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs we have. To meet whatever need we may have, we attempt to build a specific kind of relationship. That relationship cannot exist if that need is not met. Like all relationships, there are always both beautiful and less beautiful memories.   Our memories from every relationship create energy imprints. All imprints are transformed into fragments that are kept in our soul system and subsystems and are reflected again in our future relationships. We choose our partners for our emotional and spiritual healing and this part is completely done unconsciously. We are creating relationships, partnerships, or marriages to heal the deepest wounds. Everyone is holding on to different sorts of trauma and that trauma was caused by a relationship between a group of people, to begin with.  Our parents. Our family’s emotional DNA. Our transgenerational trauma. The unconscious emotional pain of fathers and mothers is always reflected in the child. And it dates back at least seven generations. The relationships we have in our childhood with our caregivers are the house model of how we form relationships as adults. Because the foundation of that house wasn’t healthy and sturdy from the start, the roof of our romantic hideaway collapsed on top of us. We entered a relationship as very wounded, immature, and most likely young individuals who started and ended the connection because we were unaware of the reality that the foundation was rotten by our parents, grandparents, and their parents. The saga of powerful, toxic, and violent energy. Abuse, violence, alcoholism, drug overdoses, wars, and several other energetic impressions are passed down via the family line. We continued to be terribly hurt over the course of those few months, years, or even decades in the relationship or marriage, without any knowledge that we were copying the same toxic saga. And that’s the source where the emotional pain comes from. During the therapy, you might better understand how and why you allowed yourself to be in that specific relationship. One becomes more independent as a result of the experience, and choices can be made regarding one’s sense of self. In order to decide whether to stay in a relationship or end it and avoid repeating the same patterns that made us frustrated, we might try to heal the relationship’s foundation first if there isn’t one.