Talk To Cancer

  “Any type of cancer is something that happens in the human body, mind, and soul altogether .”

Explore empowering strategies for living with cancer through alternative healing methods. Discover holistic approaches that complement traditional treatments, offering hope and support on your journey. Find expert insights, practical tips, and a community dedicated to fostering well-being during the cancer experience. Navigate your path with strength and resilience through the transformative power of alternative healing for cancer

The healing therapy Talk To Cancer was inspired, created, and dedicated to my friend Stephanie LaRue, a bright and fearless soul and well-known activist for young women with breast cancer. Stephanie was misdiagnosed by a series of doctors, who sent her home with antibiotics and convinced her she was too young to have breast cancer. The cancer had spread to her bones by the time she was properly diagnosed, and she was given less than a year to live. Despite a prognosis, she had been living with stage IV cancer for nearly 12 years, largely healing with hope, yoga, and medical marijuana.

Talk to Cancer: Healing through Conversations and Understanding

Engaging in a personal and intimate conversation with your malignant cells fosters understanding. Understanding leads to peace, and peace is the path to healing. While you might not feel inclined to converse with your cancer, the cancer holds many stories from your life that it would love to share with you. Being diagnosed with cancer forces everyone to go deep within, sometimes into the dark depths and beyond of who we are. Most of the time, spiritual work is completely missed or ignored in the mainstream healthcare system, which focuses solely on the body and mind. Sky & Farm Talk To Cancer therapy is made up of five healing sessions where the client has a chance to understand the root cause of the disease and take action to significantly improve the state of being. Depending on the stage of the illness, a combination of standard health care and alternative healing may result in the client not only feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally, but the cancer may also entirely disappear. No guarantees or promises of any kind are made. I don’t cure any diagnosis. Still, I can heal the issues deeply associated with cancer.  Please keep in mind that I do not perform any instant healing miracles. Like in nature, everything takes time.

Yes, cancer is a frightening word and a brutal reminder that something is seriously out of balance, but this is also the chance to heal life. Conventional treatments seek to fight growing cancer while never addressing the root cause because it is unknown to the mainstream medical community. Cancer requires a lot of conventional medical care, as well as a lot of spiritual work, understanding, and forgiveness. The scientific community, led by the theory of evolution as a foundational concept in biology, doesn’t encompass every aspect related to cancer. You are much more than a few written lines of medical diagnosis code. Any type of cancer is something that happens in the patient’s body, mind, and soul altogether. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach that considers both the physical and emotional aspects of health can contribute to a comprehensive healing experience for individuals dealing with cancer.

The primary methods I employ for healing cancerous cells involve narrative talk therapy, imaginative and visualization work, and shamanic healing journeys. These approaches are intended to improve understanding of the cancer’s origin within the client’s physical body, often located in entirely different areas, primarily within the mental and emotional aspects of the client. Sky & Farm does not assist in the healing of cancer by selling you healing crystals, or prescribing herbal medicines. Cancer treatment requires a mixture of traditional medical care, as well as a great deal of spiritual healing work, which can be accomplished through a variety of Sky & Farm high-frequency vibrational healing sessions. Each healing session leads to a profound understanding of why the cancer exists. There are many contributing factors to the development of cancer including environmental factors or genetic factors. However, the roots of cancer are primarily hidden in the person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual reality. Cancerous cells and tumors in the physical body are only the result.

The majority of people diagnosed with cancer instantly recycle the overwhelming fear and desire to heal. Additionally,   they develop harmful defensive mechanisms to protect themselves and launch an ego-driven war against the disease. Desire, desperation, and fear cause a fight with cancer, and the person’s inner vibrations are at very low levels, preventing most individuals from progressing in their healing. What you resist persists. Peace brings healing. Not the war. I have encountered this in my practice far too frequently to doubt it. Embracing, rather than resisting, the path towards a healthier version of yourself and claiming your lost power back is the key to true healing. Sky & Farm consider cancer as a manifestation of deeply ingrained emotional pain, spiritual disconnection, or unresolved conflicts.  Addressing these issues through emotional healing is an essential part of the healing journey. Our physical body can heal and work wonders when it is in unity with balanced mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of existence.  Sky & Farm healing is about establishing the healing bridge with all these aspects of existence to grow healing energy rather than malignant cells. You may begin to see the malignant cells in your physical body, or a tumor as a deeply denied trauma, or suppressed emotional pain creating energy patterns of hate toward yourself or others. In every unconscious mentality, there is a deep-seated hatred of existence. And this needs to be healed first.

In my healing sessions, we’ll explore the roots of your cancer and work on healing them. I’ll also share practical advice to support your mainstream treatments, like cleansing tips, boosting, or getting ready for chemotherapy or radiation. We’ll discuss how to talk to your body and listen to its needs along the way.