The Physical Healing

“The diagnosis becomes you if you strongly identify with it. “

Back To The Roots

In an era when medical advances and technological innovations have both revolutionized and dehumanized the field of healthcare, there is a growing interest in returning to the roots of healing, seeking wisdom from ancient healing techniques and practices that have endured the test of time. The Sky & Farm therapy is not about rejecting modern medicine, it’s more about a recognition that the solutions to many of our contemporary health challenges might be found in the timeless practices and remedies that have been used for millennials, passed down through generations. My healing approach does not advocate for rejecting effective medical treatment or putting your health at risk by sticking to an all-natural view of healing. Even though the healthcare system has a poor understanding of how the human body relates to the human psyche, I always recommend seeking healing from both worlds.

The Processes of Self-Restoration

Physical illnesses can still have deep emotional, mental, and spiritual roots. My healing uses sacred healing energy to regenerate new and healthy cells where there is damage or disease, eliminating pain, illness, and dysfunction, and modern medicine, when used wisely, can speed up your healing process. The main processes of self-restoration of organisms at the biological level are hormonal balance, metabolism, and regeneration at the cellular level. Each of the auric bodies depends on the others to collect and distribute energy, therefore when one is dysfunctional, it has an impact on the other bodies as well as the physical body. In most cases, your spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies are the source of your medical issues.

You Are Not The Diagnosis

This is not about ignoring your health issues; rather, it is about understanding that your condition may have more layers than can be described in a few written lines of medical diagnosis code. No matter how it may appear, your diagnosis is simply a number and title for the symptoms. The diagnosis and another person’s story become you if you strongly identify with it. You take on the characteristics and energy of the condition. In that scenario, your diagnosis defines you and reduces you to a victim. If you listen more to your heartbeat then your more accurate diagnosis might be fear of life and others, not feeling good enough, growing up too soon, self-hatred and rejection, feeling victimized and unloved, a great need to control, over-protection,  denial of pleasure, and many more dysfunctions. You can heal once you fully understand how, when, and why you get unwell. You can begin the healing journey toward your authentic self anytime you wish by booking your healing session here.

Finding & Healing The Source