Freeing Yourself from Fear, Shame, Guilt, and Emotional Debt

Healing Alchemy

Sky & Farm represents the healing alchemy that I recreated, drawing inspiration from the most profound ancient healing systems discovered during my 15-year exploration. The Sky & Farm’s in-person or online remote healing therapy goes beyond just subtle energy transformation and distant energy work, it’s all about experiencing authentic healing breakthroughs. The healing therapy doesn’t offer a generic, one-size-fits-all solution, instead, it provides a personalized healing journey and experience for each individual. The simplest and fastest way to heal is through understanding. The root of all suffering is attachment and a lack of understanding of reality. You may have tried countless times to let go of your health problems, but it was never successful. We cannot accept and let go of our physical or mental condition until we have a complete understanding of its origins. Understanding of reality brings closure and closure brings peace. And peace heals. From an energetic perspective, tranquility and peace are among the purest vibrational healing frequencies that may rapidly restart our system. Only when you fully understand how, when, where, and why you get your Krohn’s disease, cancer cells, or panic attacks will you be able to heal yourself permanently. I heal the roots, never the symptoms. Every element in nature has its own source and root. The apples are not hanging freely in the air, rather, they are nestled on the tree’s branches, and the tree has a deep root. You could end up with the same bad apples the following season if you only treat the branches. And that’s precisely what the mainstream health system does, calling it chronic depression, chronic eczema, or chronic arthritis. In reality, nothing in nature is chronic or permanent, everything is ever-changing and evolving identically as we are. The human story is hard-wired with the story of nature.

Your Brave Heart Is Sexy

Like in nature, our human alchemy can heal itself by resuming the natural self-healing processes and self-healing mechanisms of our bodies. Just as there are four sides to the Earth—east, south, north, and west—we also have four sides to our existence. In addition to our physical body, we also have an interconnected mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Think about a car with four tires. The car is just not able to move correctly if one tire is flat. Just to put it in simple terms, that’s also how our system functions. We only need to use one healing click, found directly in our heart intelligence, to rebalance our four bodies and heal. But the majority of people have no idea how to carry out this. Perhaps this will come off as too simple, but my alternative therapy is a self-healing journey from a conflicted mind to a fearlessly loving and peaceful heart. It can be envisioned as a liberating exodus from your mental and physical body to your emotional and spiritual body. The self-healing journey begins in your heart, traversing and restoring your individual stories, recurring thoughts, and physical well-being. That’s the ancient healing click used for a thousand years. When you measure the distance between your head and your heart, it turns out to be only about 40 cm, therefore your self-healing journey doesn’t need to be that long. Your brave heart is always sexy and has the most powerful intelligence to help you overcome any challenges in life.

Just Flip The Station

The majority of people experiencing physical or mental challenges instantly recycle from the preprogrammed subconscious mind toxic stories such as overwhelming fear, desperation, and desire to heal. All of these emotions have extremely low vibrational frequencies when it comes to energy hierarchy. In other words, you’re listening to terrible radio stations with terrible programs and taste in music. And no, you are not to blame. You just don’t yet know any better. In order to balance the state and initiate the self-healing process, these emotional low frequencies must be replaced first, because they are preventing people from making progress in their healing. To transform sickness into health is just a matter of balancing the low vibrational frequencies with the higher ones. Just flip the station on the radio.

Your Diagnosis Is Not You

The Greek word “diagnosis” means “knowledge or awareness passing through”. The diagnosis is never you. Although I don’t underestimate my client’s diagnoses, they are never my main concern. I don’t cure any diagnosis. Yet, I can identify the root cause of ANY diagnoses, illnesses, and health problems and heal the majority of them. As a healer, I use a variety of ancient energy healing techniques to reestablish the connection between your healing potential and the source of life. They have worked wonders for thousands of years and continue to work the same today, in most cases considerably faster and more precise than orthodox mainstream healthcare. All the healing energies are coming from The Source of Life. This is just a made-up name because labels are sometimes necessary. Yet, The Source of Life is a phenomenal label.

The God Is In Your Cheeseburger

You could call The Source of Life peace, unconditional love, heaven, oneness, God, or a double cheeseburger. It doesn’t matter. There are no masters or slaves, borders or rules, no definitions of time or space, at the healing source of life. You, me, and everything in all directions around us are the source of life. The noise. The silence. We are the unity of all things within the existence itself. Everything heals into unity, and everything heals from unity – binding things together like your not well-being with well-being, things disconnected and connected, things in disharmony and harmony. It is an endless, easy flow of restoring energy between the earth, and the sky, and beyond where life exists in all of its manifestations. Beyond good or bad. Beyond right-doing or wrong-doing. Beyond the fear of humans. You can start your fearless Sky & Farm self-healing journey anytime you wish through the art of letting go.

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