Stop The Fight Against Your Disease

Most people undergoing conventional healing are pressured into a never-ending cycle of warfare that involves conflicts against diseases, such as the fight against cancer, the fight against depression, and the fight against Alzheimer’s. Battle. Wining. Losing. Survivor. Heroe.  The language used to talk about diseases often focuses on battle words and various other pointless army rhetorics in the physical and mental health field. Simply put, the majority of people are not prepared to disconnect from the preprogrammed battle and would rather fight their entire lives till death than accept healing peace for a moment. Even though the healthcare system has a poor understanding of how the human body relates to the human psyche, I always advise my clients to stop a fight. Fight energetically creates more fights. It is usually a good idea to stand up for something rather than be against it. The fight against is always self-destructive, and chaotic and in the end, costs human lives. As a result, we may see it in practically every obituary where legacies are summarized in a few phrases, such as He died after a long and difficult battle with cancer. She died after a long battle with an illness. He died after a heroic fight with the illness. War can’t possibly be the tool during any healing process, it was only imagined by us because of our constant ego-based desire to win out in the end. In every unconscious mentality, there is a deep-seated hatred of existence. As a side effect, when we look in the mirror, we battle against ourselves. And this needs to be healed first. The transformation for a healthy body, mind, and soul usually comes through a healing click between the heart’s intelligence and the source of life. In a nutshell, my healing is done mostly through the transformative journey from fighting vibrations to peaceful vibrations. Peace comes from love, not from hatred. War does not heal, peace does. My words may appear to be from the 1960s in San Francisco’s Ashbury Heights. But, the hippies were entirely right. Love and peace are everything we need.