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  • No Introvert. No Extrovert.

    No Introvert. No Extrovert.

    The concept of introversion or extroversion is not new, they have been used in psychology for over 100 years. Introversion and extroversion both play a role in directing your energy, either externally or internally, and how you are likely to respond to and perceive external stimuli. All the things of life that surround you. Personality…

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  • Psychedelics as Catalysts of Spiritual Development

    Psychedelics as Catalysts of Spiritual Development

    Throughout human history, psychedelics have been strongly interconnected with spirituality. It was common for ancient cultures to use psychedelic sessions under the guidance of experienced guides who kept an eye on users and assisted if challenges arose. For any psychedelic-assisted therapy, it is important to work from a spiritual framework, instead of a secular framework.…

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  • Healing Your Bad Trip

    Healing Your Bad Trip

    When it comes to psychedelics and a bad trip, I usually advocate that there is no such thing as a good or bad trip. The psychedelics themselves are not inherently good or bad substances, they are simply natural or synthetic drugs that we, as humans, have developed relationships with. Ultimately, we decide what happens to…

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  • The Mother Nature & Big Business

    The Mother Nature & Big Business

    Ancient civilizations cherished psychedelics as spiritual guides and healing tools. Subcultures embraced them or abused them. And mainstream society wanted just the entertainment from it, to get high on a Saturday night and to escape from the boredom of daily life. Governments demonized them as psychosis-inducing trash, but they quickly realized that a drugged voter…

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  • Living Beyond Fear

    Living Beyond Fear

    Some psychological theories propose that fear is a biologically basic emotion of all humans and serves an important role in keeping us safe. I strongly believe that our fear itself is an illusion. What keeps us safe to cope with potential danger is our natural survival circuit coming directly from our heart intelligence. The fear…

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