The Purpose Of Life

The Silent Morph of Lies into Truth

We spend so much time trying to figure out what our lives are supposed to be about. Or who we are meant to become. We confuse the concept of life’s meaning. This leads to emotions of meaninglessness and emptiness. This, however, is an illusion. Because the reality of meaning is quite basic and universal. It is to be yourself as completely as possible. That’s all you came to do on earth to be yourself and discover the essence of you. The authentic stuff. Yours alone. Nobody else’s. Even this article is just a collection of my personal journeys and discoveries. Don’t believe anything you read here. Make your own journey. The humorous element is that everyone around us is thinking of ways to improve or change their life and then pushing the agenda on other people once they think they have changed enough to find the remedy of life. New age channels on TikTok could be a wonderful example, the most recent scientific findings or a drunk person on the street at midnight. They are all uniformly pushing their agenda on us. I usually run away when someone uses bizarre combinations of phrases like the purpose of life or the secret of life, especially when these are mostly other people’s stories packed with the pain of existence, attempting to make sense of it. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger comes from Friedrich Nietzsche. And there are endless other quotes on life: “Life isn’t always easy“ or “Life is hard but it’s worth the fight.” Most people are addicted to those big little pearls of wisdom and are instantly alerted as to what secret will be revealed to them. In general, we’re voluntarily absorbing the purpose and secrets of life from immature creatures. Including Friedrich Nietzsche, our parents, teachers, and professors throughout our time in school, as well as our social network later in our lives. Through a variety of adaptive mechanisms, we learn the purpose or meaning of life, but we do so always through the source we perceive to have the most authority. We wouldn’t believe a single word the homeless person says, yet we believe every word the president of the United States says to us. This is how we see the world. In a blind, judgmental, and limiting perspective. The meaning of life is always a collection of personal life experiences. These are not your own experiences. Someone else went through their own sufferings to learn some life lessons. We’re just intensely identifying with all of those other people’s emotions. Human own perspectives on life have a big impact on the stories they tell. For instance: “The most recent scientific research from the scientists at Columbia University in New York confirmed that finding the purpose of life will cause our oxytocin level to grow by five times and will improve our mental health.” This may sound like the truth, but I just made it up as an example of how fabrications may transform and silently morph into meaningful truth. But because we don’t listen to the voices or even the whispers of our hearts, we usually copy them and call them sometimes the meaning or purpose of life. We are hardwired to seek out meaningful truth, download it, and apply it for the rest of our lives. Even if life may be gloriously meaningless, we still attempt to assign value to all that is in the world around us. And what’s surrounding us matters to us. The tragedy of it all is that we focus on the outside world while ignoring the inside world. Ignoring the simple reality that we are the world within. We are the life that exists within us. We are very autonomous, and self-sufficient life.  This might not be sufficient, though, for many people who are looking for all those well-kept secrets, meanings, and purposes in life. We spend our lives searching for more in the future as if there is never enough for us here and now. It is a never-ending pursuit of illusory happiness. The purpose of life may not be always about intellectual awareness. In general, the meaning of life has been replaced by the hunt to complete our life goals, ambitions, and desires, we are mistaken for our real dreams. And after all of our wants have been realized, we can sit back and watch our giggling grandchildren run around our mortgage-free house while we suffer from osteoporosis, lung cancer, or Alzheimer’s. Nobody is to blame for entirely wasting our time on the face of the earth. Because we live in a highly unconscious existence, everyone is innocent here.

Who am I?

Almost nobody cares to raise the most important question of life. Who am I? Most people don’t know anything about themselves outside their first and last names, marital status, and occupation, which they closely identify with. For instance: Hello, my name is Jack, I’m married, and I work in real estate. Jack promotes quick sales of homes and may have received self-esteem boot camp to manipulate both himself and others, leading those around him to believe that Jack is a rock star in the real estate business. And maybe he is since he created the mental image for himself.  But is this the real authentic Jack? We are happily headquartered in our illusory comfort zone, and most of the time missing something we can no longer capture: our authenticity. Jack probably wouldn’t sell a single house if he gave a more honest introduction: Hi, my name is Jack, and I am eternal light, shining brightly through my heart. Nobody is going to believe that,  even if he couldn’t be more truthful this time. Yes, he might sell more crystals at the esoteric shop with his introduction, but no houses. We are conditioned to believe that life without a purpose is insignificant, useless, or meaningless. Is the life of a butterfly or an elephant unimportant on the surface of the earth? Not at all, in my opinion. They simply don’t have room for this kind of way of viewing life by asking themselves questions about their role in this world. Simply put, they have no need to play any role in this life like we all love to do. They are already authentic living creatures that coexist with the natural flow.

Keep Wasting

Worrying about the meaning and purpose of life to be wasted always results in a fear-based existence. At the same time, the fear of a life without meaning may be one of the most inspirational fears we may explore in our psyches. However, we’re only repressing it to avoid the anxiety of gazing into the mirror of our daily lives. The reflections are not authentic. In the mirror, there is always someone else staring at us. Our appealing masks to others. In other words, we are wasting our lives by pretending to be someone else. We forgot again in this lifetime that we could be anything we want to be in life again. Beings who are genuinely beautiful, loved, and blessed. Just because we’ve been stuck in the pattern of recycling the same drama all over again for the last twenty, thirty, or forty years, doesn’t mean we have to keep recycling it for the rest of our lives. If we only knew how beautiful in reality we are and how far we can take this lifetime we wouldn’t be harming our souls the way almost everyone does. Our soul system had been prepared for thousands of years to play a part in creating a beautiful existence through random connections with our heart intelligence, but we chose to hang up and disconnect. Even if we win a Nobel Prize or become president of the country, our soul system is unconcerned about our clever mind’s accomplishments. When we cross into another dimension of existence, we leave both our physical, and mental bodies behind. The soul system is mainly concerned with simple questions such as: Are you being truly loved? Do you truly love?  Are you your true self? If we answered yes to all of those questions, then we most likely discovered one of the most beautiful purposes of life. Yet, there could be thousands more or absolutely zero. Maybe is enough for our dreams to carry out our life’s purpose. Our hearts do not require any kind of purpose or meaning in life. If there is a light in our hearts, the heart effortlessly finds the purpose of life at the right point in time, once we are ready to face the simplest and most difficult question of life: Who am I? Is it difficult to answer? Then let’s keep it difficult. Is it simple? Then let’s keep it simple. The human heart has already answered all of our questions, but we have lost memories about it. And we are reluctantly dismissing every single heart’s attempt to remind us of who we truly are. As a result, the meaning or purpose of life will remain a rebus for the mind, taking life quotes from others and living someone else’s life. Good luck with that.