Exploring Alternative Psychotherapy: Healing the Mind and Heart

Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Stress Disorders & Phobias
Childhood Trauma
Intergenerational Trauma
Loss & Grief

Relationship Problems
Self Esteem Issues
Body Image Issues
Anger & Violence Issues
Burnout Syndrome
Coming Out & LGBTQ Issues

Alternative Psychotherapy

The Sky & Farm alternative psychotherapy represents a departure from the more traditional therapeutic techniques, embracing a more diverse, holistic, and individualized approach to mental and emotional well-being. It acknowledges that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another, and it explores a spectrum of non-conventional techniques, including Sacred Energy Work, Shamanic Healing Practices, Guided Visualization and Meditation, Imagination and Intuition Work, Narrative Work, and numerous others. These approaches focus on the whole person. The Sky & Farm will take you on an exploration of the stories that are kept within your mental and emotional body, the ways in which your life experiences have left their energy imprints, and the ways in which your past traumas have shaped who you are today. Psychotherapy in the mainstream setting is mind-mind-wired. Sky & Farm is heart-to-heart therapy. Compared to mainstream psychotherapy, this approach is significantly faster, more accurate, and with an instant healing result. The reason for this is that I work primarily with your energy imprints in your heart intelligence, soul systems, and subsystems, rather than the behavior and mental processes. My suggestion is to read When Psychotherapy Doesn’t Work to understand my reasons why I do not focus on your mindset during the healing therapy.

Just Breathe

The majority of mental health issues are a natural reflection of living in a toxic, abnormal environment where we are exposed to low-frequency structures like fear, shame, guilt, and emotional debt. Unconsciously, we absorb these low frequencies and gradually recycle them subconsciously throughout our daily lives. Your mental setting, mental environment, and mental space dictate who you are. This mental GPS location recreates emotions and emotions recreates your experiences. Until you change your mental setting, environment, and space, you will recycle the same experiences. The mind and heart are wonderful instruments, but we don’t know how to use them. The mind ultimately assumes a central part of our existence and takes a leading role, in controlling our lives. You are constantly programmed to look to the outside rather than the inside to find solutions to your life, including mental health. The key principle of Sky & Farm therapy is that you cannot recover in the same mental setting, environment, and space that caused your condition in the first place. The healing process in Sky & Farm therapy always begins inside, not outside. Your trauma, anxiety, or depression may have originated outside, but it has been brought within and is still being re-created by various internal triggers in your mental and emotional space. With Sky & Farm healing therapy, you can completely heal your mental health challenges in addition to learning helpful tips on how to be a driver in your own life again. Finding and identifying the root causes of an issue means discovering where, when, and why the disconnection originated. One by one. It may be the deeply repressed rage that has gone unspoken for a long time, which results in chronic depression, adolescent development, the rejection of pleasures, and denied or rationalized childhood trauma, among many other core causes. There are countless possibilities. Without understanding and tackling the root causes, we’re helpless victims in the illusionary story we created.  By re-establishing a communication bridge with the heart-centered inner and external source frequencies, my therapy might help you take a very close look at your own life story from various angles. Self-perception and self-experience in a somewhat different mirror.  You can begin the journey toward your authentic self anytime you wish. My sessions are extremely powerful, sometimes gentle, and sometimes emotionally rough. But I always love to listen to and balance the sound of your heartbeat.