The Sky & Farm is heart-to-heart centered, short-term, and simple alternative therapy, pointed around healing within a farm environment. It is a simple return to the origins of human existence. Over the past ten years, I have guided hundreds of clients in their healing processes, whether in-person or online. Being a guide to people through the healing journey and inviting them into the light through the ancient art of healing is my passion, love, and freedom. My healing therapy echoes the ancient practices of holistic healing and a profound respect for the Earth. Click here to learn more about how the magic of healing is done here. The alternative therapy Sky & Farm is situated in the charming little village of Vinchio in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, just a short drive by car from Turin, or Milan. The farm is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has some deep wrinkles charmingly worn out by its 120-year existence. Each year, little renovations are made to the farm’s historic buildings in the hope of bringing them back to their former glory. Sky & Farm is my big little heaven on Earth I always love to share with those who love to dream, create, and heal here. The Sky & Farm Project encourages individuals to return to their roots, reconnect with nature, and embrace the holistic approach to health. The farm setting with its natural landscapes, abundance of resources, and rustic charm of rural living, provides a perfect environment for exploring herbal remedies, natural nutrition, ancient healing practices, energy work, and building a sense of sharing rooted in our human experience. By integrating ancient healing practices into the farming environment, people can experience profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.