Oncologists With Cancer and Depressed Psychiatrists

The tribal healing implies that if one member of the tribe remains unhealed, the entire tribe is sick. The tribal healing process was organic rather than organized. In contrast to our Western civilization, where most people accept illness as a natural state, tribal groups believed that being ill was an unnatural state of being. Almost all of the time, the most common illness was a broken spirit. This illness was cured using a range of shamanic practices. Nowadays, as with everything else, we have adopted a whole different perspective on what is healthy and what is not. For instance, life expectancy is considered a key measure of our health. We are living longer lives but with fewer healthy years. Therefore, according to modeling projections, the majority of us will pass away as miserable 100-year-olds assisted by AI servants and caregivers. The law of nature is that things always become worse before they get better. That’s how normal people go mad. And now we are in that stage of madness. We are increasingly becoming sicker as a society and as individuals. All we need to do is look into the functioning of the mainstream healthcare system and society to figure out the big little agenda that makes us sick. Despite the fact that we know this system is somewhat rotten and somewhat broken, we continue to support it and live in that system proudly as victims. We don’t care about the system’s agenda, which is stepping on anyone’s face who wants to be self-sufficient, free, or healthy. The system keeps us supporting our personal and collective sickness. As a result, we have oncologists who have cancer. We have psychiatrists with severe depression. We have pharmacists who are addicted to drugs. But they are still healing us. Of course, they’re humans, after all, and they get ill just like everyone else. Thousands of years ago, sick oncologists, sick psychiatrists, and sick pharmacists were not allowed to heal anyone in the tribal system because they were overflowing with their own sickness and low vibrations. In other words, sick people are not able to heal sick people on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. They are more than just an amplifier for healing energies. One reason is that they may transmit their dark, low-frequency energies to others they are curing. Most healers and shamans knew not only how to heal the darkness within but also how to protect themselves and the sick person from the infusion of dark energy. The infusion of dark or light energy is an ordinary phenomenon. A healer or shaman will usually extract all ailments before they can participate in any tribal rituals in the tribe’s healing culture. The shaman is internally healed by himself and is externally healed by each healing journey he provides for the members of the tribe; otherwise, he would be unable to heal anyone, and the tribe would eventually disintegrate and vanish in the tribal context. Despite the presence of oncologists with cancer, depressed psychiatrists, and drug-addicted pharmacists we are still here, struggling to survive in a life of broken spirits.