Living Beyond Fear

Some psychological theories propose that fear is a biologically basic emotion of all humans and serves an important role in keeping us safe. I strongly believe that our fear itself is an illusion. What keeps us safe to cope with potential danger is our natural survival circuit coming directly from our heart intelligence. The fear itself always comes from our minds and not from our hearts. If we don’t trust ourselves then we usually don’t trust anyone. Therefore, we are the most fearful creatures on the planet now living in a central state of fear. And yes, scared people are easy to control, manipulate, and abuse. When our whole life is controlled by fear, it starts to get to us. Our fear is engraved in our minds and can be personalized to perfection for everyone. Not all of us may have the same psychological or neurobiological structure in processing different fear stimuli, but the universal trigger for fear is the fear of death. The fear that drives us. Our actions and reactions are rooted in this fear and play out unconsciously. Many, if not most people can’t imagine what our life would be like if we had no fear. When our actions are rooted in love consciously, there is no fear. Living without fear would alter our lives significantly. To a certain extent, the mind is not programmed for this scenario and holds people back from becoming the best version of themselves. Living in constant fear is toxic to our energy field. Fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of not being good enough, fear of not having enough. The real issue is not the fear itself, but rather how we hold it in our minds. Sometimes it seems we have collectively moved during evolution from our brave hearts to our fearful minds. We didn’t get there overnight. It is a stressful race filled with the fear of death with the most tragic background of losing the connection with ourselves. Going into the great unknown. The fear of death follows from the fear of life. We are afraid to die. We are afraid to live. Being stuck and trapped in dead-end relationships, jobs, and living situations that are far less than lovely. It is only on weekends that we are somehow alive and somehow ourselves, enjoying the life we want. We don’t care who we are Monday through Friday, as long as we can pay our bills. We are walking through life disconnected from our true selves and our authenticity.  When we’re in a physical or mental crisis, we scare ourselves by imagining the worst possible outcomes and creating the stress energy-momentum tensor. This is how fear turns every day into a threat. The relaxing news is that we can stop this scary story and influence, shape, and empower our physical and mental health to an unlimited extent, provided this is in alignment with nature. And yes, fear itself is a natural part of being alive and the spice in our lives. However, the fear usually disappears when we’re not afraid of it. In short, our very own fear is a psychological construct, we are the creators of fear and fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. We can transform the emotional energy that is generated by the fear, decrease our anxiety, and manifest the new fearless emotional energy to the physical and mental levels. The basis is the reconnection of the fearless heart with the fearful mind in the natural rhythm of the Universe. Sometimes it takes a lifetime, and sometimes only one healing session.